At Pure Genius Pictures, my goal is to help my clients tell their authentic stories.  Based in Wilmington, Delaware and being a small business myself, I fully understand that every dollar spent on a video is a dollar you aren't spending on new equipment, your employees, other advertising avenues.  Why invest the resources into a video when you can just take a video on your phone and post it on your website and Facebook page?

As a video producer, my mission is not just to take a camera, point it at you, send you the footage, and wash my hands of you and your business.  I come at all my projects from a filmmaking background - telling stories.  It's vital to really hone in on what makes you and your business unique, and create a video that communicates that in an honest way that helps you connect to your audience.

With that, it's also about working you the entire way.  Creating a beautiful video with a clear, concise story is important, but if no one sees it, does that matter?  I'd emphatically say no.  I work with you to identify who is


your audience, what are some ways to get the video in front of them, and try to connect you with additional resources that will help you get your video where it needs to go!

Video is the future of the internet.  Facebook pushes video more than other content.  YouTube is the second biggest search engine after Google.  Not having video to communicate your story is going to become like not having a website.  Working with Pure Genius Pictures can help you get ahead of your competition, and create a film that communicates your story and elevates your brand beyond your competition.

I'm John Morgera and I'm the lead video production specialist & owner of Pure Genius Pictures.  I became fascinated with TV & film in my high school TV studio, and started writing my own scripts in between classes.  When friends asked me what I was doing, I'd smile and tell them, "Sixteen pages - pure genius!"

I graduated from the University of Delaware with and English degree & Journalism minor, and Syracuse University's Newhouse School of Communication with a Master's Degree in Television-Radio Film.  I worked at QVC for 5 years doing product videography, and in addition to my work at Pure Genius Pictures, I am an adjunct professor at Rowan University teaching TV Production.

In my career, I've taken countless projects from script to screen, working with clients throughout pre-production, production, and post production.  I love taking a project from start to finish and working in every aspect!

Outside of filmmaking, I try to spend as much time as I can with my two kids, and trying to convince myself the Phillies will with the World Series this year!




Let me know more about what you need!  We'll set up a time to talk, and figure out who your audience needs, what you need to tell them, and how a video can get you in front of them.




-Location Scouting

-Casting & Crew

-Storyboards & Previsualization


-Full HD & 4K Production

-Professional Lighting

-Professional Audio

-Support for Full Team or One Man Crew


-Professional Editing

-Animated titles and  Graphics

-Original Music

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